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Additional functions in the same package

VetAsyst, the bovine monitoring program of Moonsyst International, is migrating to Mooncloud, incorporating new features. The system now alerts users of cases where the temperature received by the marbles exceeds normal. According to user testimonials, this allows them to better monitor the health of their cows, identifying, for example, cases of subclinical mastitis [1].

A new feature that Moonsyst International's marbles now offer is the recording of data on animal mobility. This allows producers and veterinarians to be informed, both of incidents in which animals show reduced mobility, possibly due to a disease, and of incidents in which animals show increased mobility due to estrus. In fact, early evidence of the ability of Moonsyst International's marbles to recognise estrus is very positive [2].

In summary, Moonsyst International's marbles now offer more capabilities and thus their integration into the PreLive project platform creates potential for future expansion.